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Scientific Motion's Modular Open Platform System (MOPS) allows for maximum flexibility and expansion. The mechanical, software, and control design enable various process module configurations and integration of other manufacturers' equipment. Some of the process modules that can be integrated are spin coaters, bake stations, buffers, and metrology systems. The system uses distributed controls whereby each process module has its own embedded controller. The overall system is controlled by a touch screen PC that has an intuitive user interface.
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-Allows up to 2 cassette stations or 2 FOUP load ports, or combination of both using a SEMI standard 6 bolt hookup
-Up to 2 process modules can be included
-Each process module is contained in a 20"x20" footprint
-Utilizes a 300mm, 3 axis robot with path planning for access to orthogonal stations
-Pre-aligner or centering ring can be used for centering wafer
-Symmetrical design allows for maximum flexibility
2x2 Cluster Frame
-HTML platform running under Lynux operating system (Visual Basic is also available)
-Intuitive user interface with SYSTEM, PROGRAM, MAINTENANCE, and LOG screens
-The master software can communicate up to 256 other process modules (controllers)
-Open software system allows for SMEMA, SECS/GEM, Modbus, and ethernet communication
-Remote programming and diagnostics via the internet
-Rabbit 3200 embedded controllers uses C programming language
-Distributed control system
-Overall system controlled by Advantech 12" touch screen PC computer
-Individual modules controlled by 3200 Rabbit embedded controller
-Communications between process modules and PC computer via ethernet
-Communications between Animatic SmartMotors and Rabbit controller via RS232
-The master software can communicate with up to 256 other process modules (controllers)
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