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Model #CT-300WC (Front View)
Model #CT-300WC (Back View)
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Spin Coating Module
Buffer Module
Processes wafer sizes from 100mm through 300mm (automatic wafer size detection).

Wafers are transported via a 3-axis robot using path-planning software, enabling access to orthogonal cassettes/FOUPs without a linear track.

Servo-drive dispense arm with programmable z-direction and sweep (linear and hyperbolic).

Servo-drive spin chuck with programmable ramp, speed, and time (1 to 8000 RPM).

Dynamically dispenses up to four process fluids, e.g. flux, DI water, solvent, or photoresist.

Web enabled, PC controlled system with a 12" touch-screen interface for operation and recipe management.

Modular design allows up to 2 FOUP load ports or 2 cassette stations or combination of both.

Up to 3 process modules can be incorporated with flexible configurations, e.g. spin coater, developer, bake station, and buffer.

Can be directly integrated with adjacent equipment such as a reflow oven via a 25 wafer buffer module.

Available communication protocols are SMEMA, SECS/GEM, Modbus, and Ethernet (remote diagnostics).

-Asyst 407 3-axis robot
-Handles 100mm to 300mm wafers
-SmartCourse™ software for access to orthogonal cassette/FOUP stations
-Z-travel: 13.0 inch (330.2mm)
-Radial Travel: ±14.4 inch (365.7mm)
-Theta Travel: 365 degrees maximum
-Z axis Repeatability: ±0.001 inch (±0.025mm)
-R axis Repeatability: ±0.001 inch (±0.025)
-T axis Repeatability: ±0.006 degrees

-Overall system controlled by Advantech 12" touch screen PC computer
-Individual process modules controlled by RCM 3200 Rabbit embedded controller
-Communication between process modules and Advantech PC computer via Ethernet
-Communication between Animatic SmartMotorsTM and Rabbit controller via RS232
-Available communication between external equipment via SMEMA, SECS/GEM, Modbus, and Ethernet.

-Advantech touch screen computer running on HTML platform under Lynux operating system.
-Rabbit embedded controller running on C platform

-Configurable with Asyst, Brooks, or any Semi Standard 6 bolt hookup FOUP handler
-Wafer Mapping (configurable with RFID Tag Reader)
-Configured to work with Personal Guided Vehicle (PGV)
-Single or double FOUP load ports

-Servo-drive dispense arm with programmable z-direction and sweep (linear and hyperbolic)
-Servo-drive spin chuck with programmable ramp, speed, and time (1 to 8000RPM)
-Up to four process fluids per coater module
-Polypro or Teflon process bowl
-High pressure DI water dispense using a Haskel Pump (up to 3000 psi)
-Topside EBR
-Bottom side EBR

-Up to 400ºC ±0.5ºC temperature uniformity
-Programmable proximity bake with servo-drive lift mechanism

-Handles wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm
-Encoder feedback to match adjacent oven belt speed for smoother transition
-Individual capacitive sensors for each wafer size

-Flux dispensing
-Wafer cleaning
-Photoresist coating and developing
-Backside Etching