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Handles wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm (open bottom cassette) without any tool change.

Automatically detects wafer/cassette size.

Integrates easily with all types of reflow/curing ovens.

Programmable for any cassette pitch or number of wafers per cassette.

Belt drive in front and behind the "H-bar" for superior wafer handling.

Encoder feedback to automatically match adjacent oven belt speed, for a smoother transition.

Multiple capacitive sensors for each wafer size.

Servo-drive control with high-quality ball screw ensures smooth, precise operation.

Multiple indexers can be placed in-line for increased throughput.

Available communication protocols are SMEMA, SECS/GEM, Modbus, and Ethernet (remote diagnostics).

Handles empty, partial or full cassettes.

LCD touch pad for easy programming.

Can serve as a buffer when used with a pass-through cassette.

-Servo controlled z-axis has 24" travel
-Maximum allowable cassette weight is 50 lbs
-Programmable servo controlled belt speeds from 0 to 100 inches per minute
-Input for encoder feedback from adjacent equipment (e.g. reflow oven) to match belt speed
-Belt drive in front and behind the "H-bar"
-Animatic Smart MotorsTM used for z-travel and belt drive
-NSK high precision, stainless steel ball screw for z-travel

-Communication between indexer/buffer and oven via SMEMA
-Indexer/buffer controlled by RCM 3200 Rabbit embedded controller
-Communication between Animatic SmartMotorsTM and Rabbit controller via RS232
-Motor controller and driver integrated into Animatic SmartMotorTM
-Available communication between external equipment via SMEMA, SECS/GEM, Modbus, and Ethernet

-Rabbit embedded controller running on C platform
-LCD touch pad for status and programming

-Wafer loader
-Wafer Unloader
-Buffer for inline systems
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