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Scientific Motion 4400 N. Scottsdale Rd. #9-519 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Ph: 602 308-4801 Fx: 866 389-7931

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Processes wafer sizes from 100mm through 300mm. Fully programmable servo-drive dispense arm and spin chuck. Can be directly integrated with adjacent equipment such as a reflow oven. Modular design allows up to 2 FOUP load ports or 2 cassette stations or combination of both. Configurable for the following applications: Flux dispenser, wafer cleaner, photo-resist coater, developer, and backside etcher.
Handles wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm (open bottom cassettes). Automatically detects wafer/cassette size. Integrates easily with all types of reflow/curing ovens. Programmable for any cassette pitch or number of wafers per cassette. Multiple indexers can be placed inline for increased throughput. Fully SMEMA compatible.
RCM3200 Rabbit Core Module
10/100Base-T Ethernet
48 Configurable I/O (8 optoisolated, individually fused, 2A high current outputs)
6 RS232 Ports with UARTS
1 RS485 Port
2 Relays
Onboard 2 digit LED display
LCD/Keypad port
Expansion bus port
Plug screw terminals
8" x 5" footprint

Model #CT-300WC (Top View)
Model #IB-300 (Front View)
Model #SM3200
Copyright 2003 by Scientific Motion
Scientific Motion seamlessly integrates its process equipment with all types of wafer-bumping reflow ovens. We offer flux dispensers, wafer cleaners, robot wafer handling systems, and indexers/buffers. SMEMA communication between the reflow oven and our process equipment ensures reliable process flow.
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Scientific Motion's Modular Open Platform System (MOPS) allows for maximum flexibility and expansion. The mechanical, software, and control design enable various process module configurations and integration of other manufacturers' equipment. Some of the process modules that can be integrated are spin coaters, bake stations, buffers, and metrology systems. The system uses distributed controls whereby each process module has its own embedded controller. The overall system is controlled by a touch screen PC that has an intuitive user interface.
Scientific Motion pass thru cassettes provide bi-directional access to wafers in load locks or buffers. Sizes available are 300mm, 8 inch, 6 inch, 5 inch, and 4 inch. The pitch is 10mm to match 300mm transport cassette or FOUP carrier. Other pitches are available upon request.
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